I have recently implemented a simple wrapper around cal tool of Linux. I call it scal. It can be obtained here.

The original tool cal lets you see the calendar for October 2014, if you use the command cal 10 2014. It will complain if you change the order of month and year. For instance, cal will complain if you write cal 2014 10.

Now, scal lets you see October 2014, if you type scal 10 2014 or scal 2014 10 or in fact scal 2014 oct.

You can use scal to see the calendars of multiple months of different years, e.g., scal jan feb mar 2014, jan feb mar 2015 will show calendars of the first three months of 2014 and 2015. It also understands when you type expressions like “next month” or “this year”. You can, for instance, write scal oct next year or scal next year 10 or scal next year october to see the calendar for October next year. Check what else scal can do here.